The Hype Squad consists of prominent members of our community that promote positivity, involvement, inclusion, and a sense of togetherness. These community members are leaders and we are so grateful for the time and effort they put into Extra Life Edmonton!

Name: Jamie
Discord Name: Indietrend#0499

Bio: Heylo! My name is Indietrend also known as Jamie. I am nonbinary so I can be referred to as they/them. I have been with Extra Life for 5 years now.  I switch been volunteering and participating each year. The main ways I raise money are just doing terrible things to my body to get laughs such as eating bugs, drinking weird sodas, and painting my face with hundreds of layers of makeup. 

I usually play games that relaxing or horror. I’ve been playing WoW most of my life now. I have a farm I keep resetting with my partner in Stardew. I keep playing games and restarting them so that’s who I really am as a person, ha. 

My hobbies include binging TV shows, cooking and baking, playing video games, hanging with my cat, doing tarot readings, and watching Tiktoks.


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