Hello there Extra Life Family!

As you may know, 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Extra Life Edmonton! This is a huge milestone and we want to go the extra mile to make it special! As part of this, we are planning a super cool video project and we need your help!

We need some of you awesome Extra Lifers to submit videos to be part of this project! We have some questions we would love for you to answer. Cordell, our resident video extraordinaire, has prepared the following to help with shooting your video, as well as explaining what we need:

Record using webcam or phone in a horizontal frame and show at least waist up in center frame (Keep subject within green bars if possible). Please have adequate lighting and appropriate wear (Bonus points for wearing community-related swag!)

Record in 1920×1080 and keep within the 1080×1080 box.

Record the video in 24-30 FPS (Frames per second) please do not use 60 FPS. Record with a resolution of 1920×1080.

If there are any questions or issues please reach out to Cordell on Discord (@Extrodias#7490) and he will be happy to help!

Please keep responses 10-15 SECONDS long each (No worries if it goes longer!) and while recording, leave a TWO SECOND PAUSE before and at the end of each question. answering the required questions and additional questions if you want! (the main questions will be used and full cuts will be posted on our website with the submitter’s permission.)

  1. Name, Age (Optional), affiliated community (If applicable) How long with Extra Life?
  2. Fondest memory or Extra Life? (Past gameday event, fundraising effort, meeting new friends, funny gaming moments)
  3. What does Extra Life mean to you and how would you explain that to someone new or curious about it?
  4. What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating/volunteering with Extra Life?

  5. Tell us about your last fundraising event and how it went! How much did you raise? Did you meet your goal? What did you learn or experience in the process?
  6. How did it feel when you last volunteered with Extralife or ran your fundraising event?
  7. Tell me about someone or that thing that has influenced you to be a part of Extralife?
  8. What would someone be surprised to know about you?

Depending on some of the questions you may have photos or video content that you could share to add to your response! (Questions 2, 5, and maybe 8!) IF you like to submit it will be added to the videos to come!
We would love to see some footage of you smiling, laughing, waving hello/goodbye, thumbs up, etc AND for the secret video project I would love to see you pose an action hero or video game character for the camera (Please specify which character and what pose if applicable for context).

When your video is recorded, please submit it by clicking the link below! Please name the files “[Name] and [Discord]-Self Video-1” For example: “Cordell-Extrodias7490-self video-1” (number up for multiple videos). This is in case we need to contact you regarding any related issues!

Thanks so much, everyone, and we can’t wait to involve you all in this awesome project! Keep playing games and healing kids to make this 10th year of Extra Life Edmonton even more special!



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