Extra Life Edmonton gamers participate in a CMN hospitals fundraising initiative: the annual Extra Life gaming marathon, held on the same day across the world to connect fundraising gamers. We are one of the largest and most active teams worldwide and are committed to playing games to heal kids year-round!

Our local gaming marathon event was born from the idea: “wouldn’t it be cool if we all gamed together on Game Day?”. Since then, our event has grown into something larger than life – we host one of the biggest organized Game Day meetups worldwide!

A large Game Day event ensures visibility of our initiatives throughout the year, drives community involvement, attracts supporters, and reaches like-minded gamers who want to connect with us. Most importantly, we as a team continue to hold our large Game Day event to show what Edmonton gamers can do for good. We want to come together while we exhaust ourselves for a great cause, rather than doing it alone. Maybe the event is a reward or incentive for your fundraising.

That being said, if you can’t make it out to the Game Day event, please do continue to do what you do for the kids – you remain a member of team Extra Life Edmonton while you show your support from wherever you game! We really do feel the love from those of you at home, too.

Our Extra Life Edmonton team is also unique in that we hold organized events throughout the year. Our events network gamers (video games, board games, and more!) of all stripes and ages to strengthen our communities.

You will find us providing community programming at:
– West Edmonton Mall
– Animethon
– Edmonton Expo
– Community meet-ups
– Fragapalooza
– Extra Life Ottwell
– Telus World of Science
– City attractions
– And more!

Let’s continue to do what we do for the kids this year. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like to get involved!

Extra Life Edmonton’s leadership are volunteers/participants like yourself and are not employed with Extra Life or CMN. We do not manage any of the funds donated through the Extra Life website (and all of the funds go directly to the hospital!). Extra Life does not have a hand in organizing our event. 

For Extra Life account-related or extra-life.org assistance, please visit their website.